We are a supplier of special control, measurement, communication, monitoring, security and communication systems and its components. For more than 30 years we have been providing our clients with integrity in design, development, manufacturing, integration, testing, service, and prophylaxis. 3S Special Systems Ltd. is a continuation of Special Systems and Software, Inc. which was established in 1990.

Our team consists of highly qualified employees with many years of experience in the field of integration and development of custom hardware and software solutions. Together with the expert support of Rohde & Schwarz specialists, they ensure optimal solutions for our customers.

Our long-term experience in the delivery of the systems for aviation industry proves the consistently high quality of delivered systems and services, but also our emphasis on security.

Our certificates

  • VM 5 Fire control and fire control, tracking and signalling equipment and related systems, test and grouping equipment and means of defence specially designed for military use, and specially designed components and accessories.
  • VM 6 All-terrain ground vehicles and components.
  • VM 10 “Aircraft”, “lighter-than-air vehicles”, unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”), aero-engines and “aircraft” equipment, related equipment and components, specially designed and constructed or modified for military use.
  • VM 11 Electronic equipment, “spacecraft” and components not controlled elsewhere on the EU Common Military List.
  • VM 13 Armoured or protective equipment, structures and components.
  • VM 14 “Specialised equipment for military training” or for simulating military scenarios, simulators specially designed for training with any of the firearms or weapons specified in VM 1 or VM 2, and specially designed components and accessories.
  • VM 15 Imaging or defence equipment specially designed for military use, and specially designed components and accessories.
  • VM 16 Forgings, castings and other unfinished products specially designed for items specified in VM 1 to VM 4, VM 6, VM 9, VM 10, VM 12 or VM 19.
  • VM 17 Miscellaneous equipment, materials and “libraries” and specially designed components.
  • VM 18 “Production” equipment and components.
  • VM 19 Directed energy weapon (DEW) systems, related or defensive equipment and test models and specially designed components.
  • VM 20 Cryogenic and “superconducting” devices and specially designed components and accessories.
  • VM 21 Software.

Authorisation for development, production, service, modification, testing and training activity on ground aeronautical systems of Slovak Air Forces:

  • Control and monitoring of the ground light systems
  • Power supply systems and its parts for aeronautical ground signaling systems
  • Control and monitoring of the ground signaling systems
  • Ground radio communication systems
  • Monitoring of grounded navigational systems

Only companies listed in this register can make business with the state and attend public tenders.

Only companies registered in this register can act on electronic public market and does not need to proove competence to conclude framework agreements in public tenders.

Facility Security Clearance and Personnel Security Clearance of selected employees

  • VHF Transciever
  • UHF Transciever
  • System Components and Accessories
  • Radio Site
  • Tower Application
  • VoIP for Air Traffic Control
  • Remote Control and Monitoring System